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29-30.11.2014 Lodz

Havana Bellamoondo on the last cat show in Lodz won 2x Ex1, 2x CAC, BIV total i NOM. BIS :)))) I am very proud of my princess:)



26 lipca 2014 JUŻ JEST Z NAMI!!!

Nasz wymarzony, długo oczekiwany........ Wnuk najbardziej utytułowanego kocura, trzykrotnego World Winnera roku 2010, 2011, 2012 Suryamainecoon Pablo Escobara i World Winnerki 2008 FelixConn Odissea. Syn Osculum Ignis Della Tribu Del Deserto, który jest ojcem dwóch World Winnerów Suryamainecoon Que Bonita JW i WW10'11'12 Suryamainecoon Pablo Escobara

Suryamainecoon Wandal

Jesteśmy bardzo dumni z faktu, że staliśmy się jedyną hodowlą w Polsce i jedną z nielicznych na świecie, które mogą poszczycić się kotem o tak znamienitych przodkach.
Więcej o Wandalu - kliknij tutaj

26-27 July Operetta Bellamoondo*Pl

On her first show in Brigg (UK) our little princess won 6 Best in colour ,1 Best in division, 5 second best in division,1 third best of breed.:-)


Morka Bellamoondo*Pl

26-27 July in Brigg 2nd best of breed maine coon kitten and final placing 2nd long hair kitten out of 11 kittens. on the sunday she was an adult of 8 months only and got no final but 2 x third best of breed from 10 maine coon cats :).

At Merseyside GCCF cat Show in June Morka got Frist in her class as a kitten and best of breed and nominated for best for variety!!! :-)

Tiratica Ireland May 2014, day 1 - 7 final placings, Best kitten, 2nd best kitten x 2 and 5th best. day 2 - 2 x 2nd best kitten and 1 x 3rd best kitten

Ragtime Peterborough UK April 2014 - 2 best of breed maine coon kitten, day 1 final places 3rd out of 31 kittens all breed and 6 out of 31 all breed kitten and day 2 - final placings 4/26 kittens 4 our of 25 kittens both all breed not long hair.


20.07.2014 DVM SC Evolet Bellamoondo*Pl

International Cat Show in Gliwice Eli BIV TOTAL and NOM BIS !!! Eli also won last her CACS and now she is SUPREME CHAMPION !!! It is highest title :-)))


19-20.07.2014 Novelle Bellamoondo*Pl

International Cat Show Jelvaga on Latvia our Nouvelle won in the young class 2 x Ex1 i Nom BIS!!!



22.06.2014 Kniaz Bellamoondo*Pl

Kniaz on the International Cat Show in Kaunas, Lithuania won on the WCF Adult Ring V place out of 43 adult cats all breed! and 2X CAC, BIV, 2X NOM BIS!!!


Havana and Rico become parents :-)

We have available kittens !!!!


New kittens !!!

Parents are Americanlynx Toda Beleza and Justcoons Magnus Maximus


We have 2 new litters :-)

Parents are Justcoons Mary Goodnight/Justcoons Magnus Maximus and Boromir Justify My Love/Justcoons Magnus Maximus


RW DGC High Quality Bellamoondo*PL

Beautiful High lives in cattery Patayan in France with dear Solenn :-). I'm very proud of her because this year was the best for this beauty. High won TICA titles Regional Winner (RW), DGC (Double Grand Champion), and Best Black Classic Tortie Tabby and White of the year 2013!!!.

Liliana Bellamoondo*PL - she stays with us :-)

Big, massive baby with the best traits of both parents Havana Bellamoondo and Haribo Gittaras



Hot Kiss Bellamoondo*PL

Beautiful HotKiss, sister of our Havana, lives in cattery Tempio Felino with dear Cristina :-)

Tempio Felino

Hitman Bellamoondo*PL - 1,5 roku

Son of Aaliyah Hidden Dreams and Falkora Bellamoondo, he lives in Denmark like a huge, lovely castrat



GIC Evolet Bellamoondo*PL DVM

Daughter of Anica Bellamoondo and Justcoon Magnus Maximus almost 3 years old become...

Distinquished Variety Merit !!!!

13 x BIV, 22 x nom. BIS, 5 x BEST IN SHOW

I'm so proud of my girl. Thank you dear Zdenka for showing her!

hodowla kotów Maine Coon Bellamoondo

We have new stars!!!

Our wonderful Judith Mia Caramellocoon*CZ and IT*AmericanLynx Toda Beleza

hodowla kotów Maine Coon Bellamoondo

Evolet Bellamoondo*PL

Daughter of Anica Bellamoondo and Justcoon Magnus Maximus mis 1,5 years old



Show news :-)))

16.09.2012 Cat Show in Schiedam, Holand

Imperial Bellamoondo*PL ex1, BIV TOTAL, NOM BIS and

Best In Show 6-10 !!! :-)

08.09.2012 Cat Show in Warsaw, Poland

Havana Bellamoondo ex1, BIV, NOM BIS :-)


18 - 19.08.2012 Belgia Flénu TICA Show Cat

High Quality Bellamoondo*PL saturday : Ex 1, BIV, TICA : 4th place, kittens all breed

sunday : exc 1, BIV, Nomination Best in Show and

Best In Show !!! :-)

8th place at the special "with black cat", TICA : 5th place, 8th place finales Kitten all breed


Show time :-)))

On the last weekend in Sollingen in Germany our wonderful Imperial Bellamoondo on the first his show, won

2x ex1, 2 x BIV TOTAL, 2 x NOM BIS and

2 x Best In Show 3-6 !!! :-)

Congratulate dear Jacqueline!!!! I'm happy with you


Also in this weekend our Bellamoondo girls won in Patis TICA show. HighQuality Bellamoondo won

on Saturday : Exc 1, BIV

on Sunday : Exc 1 Nomination Best in Show,

Tica : Best Maine coon Kitten/2nd best kitten in one TICA ring

Gothica Bellamoondo, on Saturday ex1 and on Sunday ex2


16-17.06.2012 Jesolo in Italy
Highlander Bellamoondo: on Saturday ex1, on Sunday ex1,BIV and nom. to BIS :-)

9-10.06.2012 Bielko-Biała in Poland

Havana Bellamoondo : on Saturday ex1, nom BIS, on Sunday ex1, nom BIS :-)

News from Czech Republic :-)))

I am proud to announce that Evolet Bellamoondo is.....

BEST KITTEN 2011 in Czech Republic :-)

Gangster and Giselle Bellamoondo :-)

....and finally, my sweet babies flown to Italy :-D Gangster and Giselle lived with Lucia and Mariano in cattery Suryamainecoon :-D Mariano, thank you very much for the meeting and a good time together :-D ....and see you soon ;-)))))!!!!


KITTENS!!! - new photos

I invite you to CURRENT LITTERS!!!


WORLD CAT SHOW in Poznań 29-30.11.2011

The last weekend we spend on the World Cat Show in Poznań. It was great pleasure and fantastic time for us to meet all our breeders friend from all of the world!!! Our cattery was presented by two females Boromir Justify My Love and Aaliyah Hidden Dreams. Both girls won ex3 and both had a big competition from all of the world :) I'm very proud of my girls :))

We invite you to gallery WORLD CAT SHOW 2011 - POZNAŃ

Cat Show in Weiden, Germany 22-23.10.2011

Great days for IC Evolet Bellamoondo. Our star won ex1, CACIB, BIV TOTAL and nom. to BIS, she is INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !
And....on Sunday she won ex1, CAGCIB, nomination and... BEST IN SHOW !!! :-))))



Exhibition succsess

3-4. 09. 2011 in Chodova Plana in Czech Republik our fantastic pronces Evolet Bellamoondo was started first time in open class :)))
She won on Saturday and Sunday CAC, BIV and won nom to Best In Show adult cats !!!



Casimir Bellamoondo in grand style on the largest exhibition in Rurok in Finland won ex1, CAC i BIV TOTAL!!!



Justcoon's Mary Goodnight

Our beautiful Mercia is 2 years old, We invite You to her GALERY


Cat Show Cieszyn 23-24.07.2011

Aaliyah Hidden Dreams - 2 x EX1, nom. BIS 6-10...and lost BIS 2:3 :)))
Boromir Justify My Love - 2 x EX1, BIV, nom. BIS 6-10 and nom. BIS SPECIAL SHOW MCO :)))
Log Cabin Shags Kassiopaia - Ex1, Ex2 :)




Evolet Bellamoondo - Usti nad Labem 16-17.07.2011

2 x EX1, BIV TOTAL, 2 X NOM. BIS !!!



Our beautiful Eli, who lives with Zdenka in Karlovy Vary, slowly ends kitten class :) From August we will be able to admire her in the open class :))

Here the results from kitten class:

20 x EX1, 8 x BIV TOTAL, 13 x nom. BIS, 4 X BEST IN SHOW :)))

Justy, Kassi and Ali

Our young female are 5 and 7 months old :)



Flopsy Bellamoondo ( 8 months old).....

....and her tail, like Maxi's ;)

Thank you Marlis for beautiful photos :)



Welcome new home!!!

After long search and long wait....we present DK BOROMIR JUSTIFY MY LOVE !!! Thank you Dear Pia and Jean for this treasure :)



Flexi Bellamoondo of Justcoon's

Daughter of our fantastic Max and Mary has 6 months Thank you Katharina for wonderful photos :)



CAT SHOW in KARLOVY VARY 16-17.04.2011

The next great weekend for my beautiful Evolet Bellamoondo !!! Only 6 months and first time in class 6-10!!! On Saturday and on Sunday she won ex1, BIV TOTAL, nom.BIS and......

2 x BEST IN SHOW 6-10




It was super show for Evolet Bellamoondo (5 months) !!! On Saturday she won ex1 and nom. to Best in Show... but on Sunday was the best day for her, she won ex1, BIV TOTAL, nom BIS and....



Zdenka, thank you very much for showing her and very good care of my sweety :-D


We invite You to parts MALES , FEMALES and YOUNGSTERS


After long travel she is with me - Kassiopaia

Anke, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such perfect girl!!!!!!!!




Aaliyah Hidden Dreams*PL - the best red female I've ever seen:)) Aga, thank you for this treasure


Show in Bratyslava 5-6.02.2011

Evolet Bellamoondo (Anica/Max) only 4 months old girl in show in Bratyslava won once again BIV TOTAL and nom.to BIS I am so, so happy because she won.....

BIS 3-6 !!!!!!!!!


Cat Show in Legionowo 29-30.01.2011

Next sucses :) Caliana, was first time on the show won ex1, CAC, BIV TOTAL and on Saturday won nom. BIS RicoSuave on Saturday won BIV TOTAL:))) . And Leila won ex1 on Sunday:)))



Also young girl Evolet on her first show in Ostrava won nom BIS and next show in Praga won BIV TOTAL :))) Zdenka, thank you for showing her, and super care :))))) :)))


Show in Warsaw 4-5.12.2010

Our super boy from litter C, Caspian won his first CAC and won BIV TOTAL !!!!!!! I'm so, so proud !!!
My young male Rico on Saturday won ex1 and his sister Leila on Sunday won ex1 and NOM BIS 6-10!!!!



Casimir Bellamoond

The new photos of my BIG BOY Kazik - 8 months old


Show in Bydgoszcz 18.09.2010

We spent nice time with friends on the show in Bydgoszcz On this show debuts our RicoSuave and Leila, they won ex1 and Justcoons Luna Lovegood, who lives with Aga (cattery Hidden dreams*PL) Luna won ex1 and CAC :) But the biggest pleasure for me was admiring my offspring Cyrus who lives in cattery Emiko*PL with Ewa. Very, very promising boy!!!!

On this pics Cyrus and Luna Lovegood


Calcia and Leila

Calcia - 7 months, Leila - 5 months



Show in Olsztyn 21.08.2010

One again Cyrus was a star :))) He won BIV TOTAL and won nom. to Best In Show 6-10 :))))

International Cat Show in Sopot 7.08.2010

One of Bellamoondo boys, Cyrus debuted in class 6-10. He is only 6 months and 1 week old, but he won in class 6-10 EX1 and NOM. BIS!!! Cyrus got a voice in the final once again!!! Ewa, BIG THANKS for his perfect grooming and care :)))

The boys from litter C have 6 months and are so BIG !!!

Casimir, Cyrus and Caspian




Surprise ;-)

Perfect ears, profile, head and very, very long tail - this short description of my new youngsters, new stars:))) More informations will be soon...


Our kittens from litter C - 4,5 mies.:)

Photos from new homes made by Ewa, Magda and Leena. Thank you girls for taking care of my babies :)))



22-23.05.2010 Show in Tczew - Poland

It was great weekend!!!
Cyrus on his first show won EX1 and nom. BIS, and in the final got one voice!!! Next time will be much better :)) !!!

Archie became Grand International Champion,and win BIV TOTAL !!!



My angels

Caliana and Casimir - 16 weeks old ;)))... only 11 days and our Casimir fly to new home to Leena...:)



Black Panther

Our black perl is on our website.


Litter A

Our kitten from first litter are 2 years old:)


Our red love

Our wonderful boy is very big, but still like baby, we love him so much;))


Our handsome MAX has 1 year old

We invite to GALLERY of Max

Janica - queen of "cameo"

Our beautiful Janica My Axis Star







New pics of our Maxi and Belmondo

we invite to gallery of Max and Belmondo,

Catshow in Olsztyn 15-16.08

IC Archie Bellamoondo won 2 x EX1, 2 x CAGCIB and NOM. BIS!!!

We are very proud from him:))))

Holiday in the garden

Amber in the outroom :)


Catshow Sopot 8-9.08

On Saturday Archie Bellamoondo won EX1, CAGCIB and NOM. BIS!!!

On Sunday EX1 and CAGCIB.

Archie Bellamoondo became Interchampion

On the Bratislava Cat Show our Archie won Ex1, the last CACIB and became International Champion

second day he won EX 1 and first CAGCIB

Aga, thanks for this information:))

In the summer time

I invite You to the Max Gallery. New pics of our Maxi


He does it once again - BIS 6-10, 4-5.07 Gdańsk

Justcoons Magnus Maximus won once again



Archie Bellamoondo on Saturday EX1 and CACIB

Aga, thank you so much for Your hospitality and wonderfull time

Brawo for Max - 20.06 Ostróda

The way was very hard to the final, but the red star Justcoons Magnus Maximus was THE BEST

Max won in Ostroda EX1, BIV, nom.BIS and BEST IN SHOW 6-10


Informations about our Maxi on website of VENS PASSION



Archie Bellamoondo
on Saturday became CHAMPION and on Sunday he won
EX 1, CACIB and nominated to BIS

Agnieszka, thanks for protection our boy


Specialy for the fans of Max


Big hugs for Venita from cattery Vens Passion

News from outroom

The first day was very lazy in the new outroom, all coonies enjoy the sun,


New pics of our Maxi

we invite to gallery Justcoons Magnus Maximus,

6-7.06.2009 Cat Show in Krakow

Justcoons Magnus Maximus 06.06 EX 1, BIV, nom. BIS,
07.06 EX 1, nom. BIS

9-10.05 Cat Show in Łódz

Justcoons Magnus Maximus 9.05 EX 1, BIV,
10.05 EX 1, BIV

Anica Bellamoondo - 9.05 EX 1, CACIB, 10.05 EX 1, CACIB, BIV nom. BIS!.

Archie Bellamoondo - 9.05 EX 1, CAC, nom. BIS, 10.05 EX 1, CAC, BIV .

1-3.05.2009 Cat Shows in Cieszyn, Ostrawa and Żylin

Justcoons Magnus Maximus 1.05 in Cieszyn EX 1, BIV, nom. BIS,
2.05 in Ostrava EX 1, BIV, nom. BIS and 3.05 in Żylin EX 1, BIV TOTAL!

Janica My Axis Star - 1.05 in Cieszyn EX 1, CACS, 3.05 in Żylin EX 1, CACS.


11.04.2009 Hradec Kralove Cat Show

Justcoons Magnus Maximus EX 1 , BIV and nom. BIS!


4-5.04.2009 Chorzów Cat Show

Justcoons Magnus Maximus 2 x BIV 2 x nom. BIS

Anica Bellamoondo EX 2, EX 1 CAC. She gets the title of Champion!!

Altaya Bellamoondo 2 x EX 1, 2x CAC.



7-8.03.2009 - Cat Show Opole

Justcoons Magnus Maximus EX 1, nom. BIS on Saturday,
EX1, nom.BIS and BEST IN SHOW KITTEN 3-6. on Sunday

Anica Bellamoondo- 2x EX 1, 2x CAC, BIV

Amber Bellamoondo- EX 2, EX 3



A beautiful male Justcoons Magnus Maximus is with us!
More about Maxi - click here

19.01.2009 - Cat Show Ostrawa

Janica My Axis Star won EX 1, CAGCIB and she become

hodowla kotów Maine coon Bellamoondo

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